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Contract address: 0x9b11b1b271a224a271619f3419b1b080fdec5b4a
Token Name: BILIBIT
Symbol: BLB
Decimals: 18

Bilibit ICO is Live!

Refer a friend and get 50BLB worth $5 Free!
Current Price 0.0002 ETH = 1BLB 0.10 USD
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Philippines First Decentralized Community-driven Crypto Ecosystem Pioneering youth on the blockchain technology in the Philippines who conspired together to change the course of history in the blockchain era. This Financial aware and cryptocurrency enthusiast Core Team has one goal in mind building a better tomorrow for their motherland and the World harnessing the power of blockchain to make everything possible their motto is 'Believe It!.'
“Behold humans the great beast coin next to bitcoin has been born in this era a conqueror cryptocurrency that will take this world soon his mark is blb get your coin before it’s too late." Join Us!

What Is BLB

Bilibit a community-driven crypto ecosystem First tokenized community-driven crypto in the Philippines intended to help people in ecommerce using fast, safe and easy BLB Token..

Use Case

As part of Bilibit ecosystem we can host a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for every crypto idealist out there build more project in the Bilibit umbrella it can also be used as donation to unfortunate people and calamity strucked places. Plan to partner with merchants around the globe to accept Bilibit as payments. We will build a decentralized market for Bilibit community.

BLB Distribution

eam 15%, Development 15%, Airdrop 20%, Pre-sale 20%, ICO 20%, Bounty 10%.

Inbuild Wallet

Soon We will officially announce to Bilibit Community

How it Works

Basically it is a currency to buy services and use as payment in a community-driven ecosystem.

Mobile App

Very soon we will announce when it is released

Road Map

This is Bilibit Roadmap we can't promise any profit gain or such we just accomplished things beneficial for the blb community

Idea was born

March 2017

Proposal in Bitcointalk, Facebook page

April 2017

Planning Phase

Q4 2017

Community and Team formed. Telegram, Twitter and Reddit Open.

January 2018

Website Live, Bilibit Coin Immutable Smart-contract Created, Airdrop and Bounty Program, Recruitment for Global Teams started, Upcoming Pre-Sale Announced, Medium and Discord, Bilibit Github Repository, Roadmap, Listed on Forkdelta, Whitepaper, Listed on BitUniverse, Listed on Delta, Trusted by FoundICO, Featured in Coinschedule, Listed on Bestcoins, Pre-Sale, Pre-Sale ANN on Bitcointalk, Listed on Etherflyer, Listed on ListICO

February 2018

Listed on Easytrade, Listed on Acceleratorex, More Bounty Programmes, Added on Billzboard, Added on CheddurApp, Airdrop Distribution, Multilingual Whitepaper and Announcement, ICO, More Exchange listings Soon

March 2018

Coinpayment Listing, Merchant Registering their business in Bilibit to accept BLB token as payment, Coinmarketcap Listing, Decentralized and Centralized Crypto Projects Partnership inside BLB ecosystem

Q2 2018

Inbuild BLB Wallet and Mobile app, Bilibit Marketplace Project, Bilibit Crowdfunding Platform, More partnerships

TBA 2018

ICO Calendar

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-03-26 2018-04-26 10000000 Bilibit 0.10 USD

Our Team

Group of Crypto Enthusiast around the Philippines who conspired together with a one goal in mind to help build a better tomorrow using blockchain technology.

team memeber


Team Leader - Idealist visionary 15 years experience in web tech space studied blockchain tech like no tomorrow.
team memeber


Project Co-Lead - Tech enthusiast studied cryptocurrency strong community presence.
team memeber


Tech Co-Lead - Engineer in Crypto security analyst one of the best guy in tech out there.
team memeber


Team Co-Lead - The youngest but eager leader in the project a cryptodidact.
team memeber


Support Co-Lead - The backbone of Bilibit Project founder of Alpha a group of trusted crypto enthusiast and traders a true tech visionary.


Bilibit is sync with the following ERC20 standard wallet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bilibit Coin is a tokenized payment and ecosystem Believe it Coin.

Yes for sure its fast, safe and easy to use!

To be used in everyday payment of service, to help build the ecosystem and build a community of true crypto visionaries the contract is inmutable with safe math so its secure.

First you need to add a custom Token use Bilibit contract address 0x9b11b1b271a224a271619f3419b1b080fdec5b4a Symbol: BLB Decimals: 18

Use it in every transaction, crowdfund, markets etc.

This will create more crypto projects under blb umbrella enhance daily service transaction using BLB token and to support ethereum blockchain.

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